theliel (theliel) wrote,

London Burning.

This is why you pay for education, social justice programs, welfare, medicine and housing as well as police, fire, EMTs and all those other 'socholist' programs which "only help those people".
This is the result of a set of rational actors all deciding that the worst you can do to them - torture, imprisonment and death - are perfectly acceptable risks. That the police are eventually going to send you to prison through either legitimate crime or a frame up to make some numbers because in every interaction they treat you like a criminal. The risks compared to the rewards are just so great that only a fool wouldn't take the chance.
This is what happens when rational actors have decided that the current game is rigged, so they've decided to stop playing.
This is why you enforce the rule of law. This is why crony capitalism must be stopped and fraught at every turn. This is why 'income disparity' isn't just some number on a spreadsheet.
This is the world that the teahaddists dream up, so that when the oppressed masses finally rise up with the power that they have they can be 'put back into their place' in a satisfyingly visceral and violent way.

Penny Red: Panic on the streets of London

Also BBC broadcaster gets pwned. I just wish he had been slightly younger so he could tell her "I'm not making exuses. I'm telling you why it happened you priviliged cracker git."

Stay safe over there. Shit's bout to get worse before (if) it gets better.
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