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Tracking games

This is really just here to keep track of things I'd like to run - these are all mid/long term as I need to finish PN before I can have enough time in an average evening to do more than cook, workout, and then fit in a martial arts class.

  1. Slice of Village life mid-fantasy. Thinking 'kids' in a fishing/trade stop village near a gigantic lake/river thing. This would be about how the 'common people' survive in the rural area. Think Cadfæl or Midsummer Murders for the general theme. Big things are going on in the world, and sometimes they storm thru but mostly they just cause problems for the locals.  Prolly run in NWoD GMC depending on how it finally came out.

  2. Political power politics. Playing in the big leagues. I've a yen to run this as 'so you're all on your "wastrel" phase where you 'find yourself' by blowing off steam and generally getting into harmless mischief before becoming 'real' adults in order to get a good Jane Austin mix of unlikely associates before kicking in the hardcore power politics. Again GMC especially given the new social rules.

  3. Rifts - or some other post-apocalyptic game with a theme of rebuilding and discovering the past. Maybe not quite as gonzo? TBZ might support it - I need to give that a look.

  4. Colonial game - space or possibly just fantasy. Kingdom building and resource management. REIN or 13th Age. Burning...maybe? Depends.

  5. Changeling: The Lost. I'd really like to run the plot I had in mind for the Cam game I ran - though Lost is likely to be greatly different without the constraints of the Cam. YCMV and all that but..y'know...mine really varies.

  6. Vampire - Specifically I like what I've seen so far of Sexmurder The Strix Chronicles. That's not getting here before June so..y'know.

That'll help me keep my mind working.
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