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Two things...

..Since i seem to be the only one who can post to LJ...

the first is an amusing series of videos on swrodplay. The guy doesn't actually cite any sources but his ideas make sense and his thesis seems to be "people are bastards now, and they were bastards then so if i can figure something out in an hour or so pretty sure they could as well.."

The next is from the broadway production of The Importance of Being Ernest performing Jersey Shore quotes in the voice and style of Oscar Wilde.

I find it hilarious - especially the furniture quote.

Watch all five.
Adeptus Mechanicus

Sexism in RPGs (and other geek hobbies)

The threads on this on make me insanely sad.

Like "when can i ditch this meatsack skinsuit frame for the sterile and pure silicon existance" sad.

This and the dramu surrounding the creator of Heartbreak and Heroines essentially answers the question "Why can't we all get along?"

edit: threads -

A question for the women: Sexism in RPGing

Males feelings on sexism

Heartbreak and Heroines: You've got questions

A Feminist RPG or Kickstater goldrush in full swing

Sexism in RPGs: A Civil Discussion
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Things I have learned today...

1) Staring at that goddamned blank MS Word document for 45 minutes futily while trying to figure out what to say is the writing process no matter how much I think it is wasted time.

2) Dues Ex HR this and see if you don't have a bit of fangasim:

3) I'll still by Skyrim...sucker that I am for RPGs i'll put up with Bethesda's crap for one more fix...but I'll wait for GotY I think. And I can afford to do this from a mental perspective because of two things: #2 above and #4..

4) Sword of the Stars II. August 11th(ish) September 20th. I wish I could say that I'll pick it up later 'on sale' or something but....but.....holy jesus I can't.

Look at this.

Just LOOK!
Yes...the interviewer is a twat. But the pretteh. We wantses it, our precious!

5) Still get excited about New Vegas DLC and patches...which means I have yet another time drain should I need it.

All of this on top of normal summer stuff and oh yha converting rifts into silhouette classic. Magic is next on the chopping block.

truly my cup runneth over.
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Dear Interwebz...

..Advertisers, Executives, Media Elite and Artists,

I'm pretty sure that contrary to popular belief small boobs are not a `product defect' that needs to be rectified.

This message brought to you today by someone tired of ridiculous banner ads and unfunny 'jokes' spamming the hell out of me.
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Hallmark's Day Cheer

Imma wish my Mom a happy birthday and then collect some inspiring music. Because it is a Monday and there are reports to write and meetings to attend and spam about "the most romantic day of the year" to avoid.

OtoH there's prolly a good chocolate sale coming up. I'm not saying nothing, I'm just saying is all...

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It's gotta be the weather. That or the crush to GET BACK ON TRACK!!!111!!1!!1 after the holidays are over but every January I always feel pretty drained and demotivated.

Should be over by February though so we'll all be better for it.