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Lair of the Mediocre

i don't have time for honesty, i'm starting a cult here

5 January 1978
ok, better description of myself. hi, i'm me. i'm a random former white knight now firmly in the "grey" category, working on not being a total ass and loosing what's left of my soul. as to WHY i've stoped trying to save the world one person at a time, well, let's just say that i had a bad experince, and my faith in man is less than could be expected. it could also be because i'm currently working tech support, which will drain your empathy and faith in one's fellow man faster than a hooligan drains a pint before a riot. (hint for the yanks: that's fast)

i'm well travelled (i've been to 3 continents, 39 states, 6 provences of canada and two countries in europe, as well as a short 2 month vacation to venizualia when my grandfather was working there) and basically untill i was 16 didn't spend a single summer at home.

i enjoy meeting new people, running amok, good movies, good music and good conversation. unfortunatly i've also got a total bastard streek a mile long to go along with the scotch stubborness that doens't breed out for generations.

as for good music, i'm fiarly eclectic, though i'm on a ddr/trance/techno kick, along with the power of dark hyms (which goes well with the e-nomine and enigma kick). i also have a special place in my heart for Queen, specifically "A night at the opera" and "Queen II". the albums just strike a chord. other albums are the enigma trilogy set, particularly cross of changes, sarah mclaughlin's (sp) fumbling towards ecstasy, evanescence fallen (hey, don't gimme any shit), shakespear's sister "stay", monty python sings, space by the KLF, sgt. pepper's lonly heart's club band and the white album by the beatles and those are about the only whole albums i like.

songs that particularly strike a chord: "push", grey cell green by nadb, forever young by Alphaville, tonight and the rest of my life, green sude shoes, morning dew by the young dubliners, return to innocence and sadness by enigma, pulp's like a freind and disco 2000, never met a girl like you before and magic piper of love, some repunzel song (not the crap from DMB), don't give up and game's w/out frontiers by peter gabriel, true faith by new order (morning sun remix please) others as i remember them..

songs to groove to:
edwin collins "a girl like you" and "magic piper of love"
moonlight shadow (groove coverage or the ddr version)
most of smile.dk's work (coconut, butterfly, dragonfly [gah, what's with the insects], dub a dyb etc.)
moloko pure pleasure seeker
delerium - enchanted (it's just so subversive)
dead man's party - oingo boingo [original with the fucking horns thankyouveryfuckingmuch]
pet cemetary - the ramones
most dj mystic stuff
school of fish - 3 strange days
black 47 - green sude shoes
goldfinger - here in your bedroom
golden earing - radar love
kai trancid - liquid skies
poe - a rose is a rose
joan osburne - son of a preacher man
madness - house of fun
mustard plug - thigh high nylons, mr. smiley
skoolars - cupid
madonna - like a prayer, express yourself (vid)
midnight oil - blue sky mine
mighty mighty boss tones - someday
pansy division - luv luv luv
in the jungle (the lion sleeps tonight) rem version or origional. z'all good
don't worry be happy
harry belafonte - jump in the line
peach union - on my on
dub - stars
peter schilling - major tom
ray stevens - missippi squirrel revival
real big fish - hungry like the wolf
red elvi - boogie on the beech and of course, my darling loraine
rem - it's the end of the world as we know it
roxette - dangerous, the look (same song, differnt lyrics)
sam cookie - twistn' the night away
sarah mclaughlin - vox
save feris - superspy, goodbye
sex pistols - friggn in the riggn'
simon and garfunkle - late in the evening, kodachrome
smashmouth - i'm a beliver (radio mix)
solar twins - rock the casbah
specials - pressure drop
spooks - karma hotel
sweet - ballroom blitz
todd rundgren - bang on de drum
treble charger - american psycho
urge overkill - sister havanna
wake up wendy
warren zhevon - werewolves of london
neverending story techno re-mix
soul asylum - sexual healing
tom cochraine - life is a highway

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